A vida (e a morte) nas grandes cidades #AllStevenson #AllVan Gogh

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Escapar é preciso quando o inexorável se torna a própria vida. Nesse caso, a vida nas grandes cidades.

“The Suicide Club,” said the Prince, “why, what the devil is that?”

“Listen,” said the young man; “this is the age of conveniences, and I have to tell you of the last perfection of the sort. We have affairs in different places; and hence railways were invented. Railways separated us infallibly from our friends; and so telegraphs were made that we might communicate speedier at great distances. Even in hotels we have lifts to spare us a climb of some hundred steps. Now, we know that life is only a stage to play the fool upon as long as the part amuses us. There was one more convenience lacking to modern comfort; a decent, easy way to quit that stage; the back stairs to liberty; or, as I said this moment, Death’s private door. This, my two fellow-rebels, is supplied by the Suicide Club.

Charô Nunes

Esses são textos de Charô Nunes, publicados em diversos blogs desde 2008, quando se inicia sua trajetória rumo à escrita e à intelectualidade. Alguns são textos inacabados, que serão publicados sem qualquer revisão ou adição.

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